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2nd Tier! The Fast and the Furious: 1954.

A Roger Corman film. Tons of cop chases, uninspired romantic interludes, not one to add to your collection.

2nd Tier! The Fast and the Furious: 2001.

What can we say: you'll either love it or hate it. We've added it to my Tier 2 because it has a few good scenes which remind me of why we like this hobby: the Lightning full of performance parts for the Supra is something we can very well relate too and appreciate.

However, the street racing is entirely stupid, the crime that Vin's gang carries out is too similar to another film (surfing FBI agent...), and some technical features are lame (why is the floorpan in the green car screwed in - and how could it possibly come loose).

Michelle Rodriques is unfortunately wasted in this film - we know she can do better (Girlfight), but rarely does. This is probably the peek career point for Vin Diesel; he hasn't made anything as good since.

A sequel is coming in 2003, but without Vin or Michelle. In fact, apparently the only cast member repeating his role is Paul Walker.

Special note: We don't believe this was shown in the theatre, but after the credits are finished rolling at the end there is a scene of Vin in Mexico driving a Chevelle. So, apparently he successfully escaped.

  • Starring: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriquez, Rick Yune.
  • Label: Universal
  • Year: 2001
  • Color 1 hr 47 min

2 Fast 2 Furious (The Fast and the Furious 2). 2003.

While the original movie had some things that worked, and only a few that didn't - this film has absolutely zero. Nothing. It's an enormous stinker - never mind that it did well enough in the theatres to justify another sequel yet!



2nd Tier! The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift: 2006  (theme music)

The original film had some things that worked, some that didn't - but I liked it anyway for it's originality and because it caught my interest in modifying a Supra.

Part 2 was best summed up in a single word: "TERRIBLE".

This new film takes us back to where we were: a the film works well.

It's a classic story: boy does wrong and is sent to live with his father - who happens to be in Japan. What he did wrong was to race irresponsibly. And what he does in the rest of the film is to race irresponsibly... although perhaps to some better purpose this time... be it to find his direction in life or simply to "get the girl".

And then there is the ending... with a special guest appearance. Spoiler: it's Vin Diesel, reprising his original role to take the series in it's original direction. What he's doing in Japan with a muscle car, we don't know, and the scene is the closing scene for the film. Perhaps promising a F&F4???

  Fast & Furious 4: 2009.

With the return of the original characters played by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and a sequel to the original storyline.

  Fast & Furious 5 (Fast Five): 2011


  Fast & Furious 6: 2013


1st Tier! Faszination auf dem Nurburgring: 1990.

A documentary by RUF, showing their 1990 car doing two laps around the 'ring. Incredible, unbelievable! An absolute must-have!

  Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  1986.

Matthew Broderick. Broderick is a high school student, who sets in motion a complex and brilliant plan to take a "day off". Only a very briefly a car film, whereby our hero finds out what happens when he leaves his friends fathers Ferrari in a parking garage - watch closely to see what the garage attendants do with it.

Note Ben Stein as the school teacher in his most famous persona.

The "Bueller Bueller" edition refers to an inside joke, and includes additional material.

A very funny film, and worth having despite the dearth of car material.

Fireball Jungle: 1968.
Fireball 500: 1966.

Frankie Avalon as a good-guy stock car racer who is conned into transporting moonshine (presumably not during the race). And what else would anybody illegally transport in the South?

  Freejack. 1992.

Rehash of an old sci-fi idea where somebody gets taken into the future at a split-second before their death. It's a method to get around the classic time travel paradox of the dangers of changing the timeline (so common that even The Simpsons did it in a Halloween special). Emilio Estevez and Rene Russo are cast because they can't do any better, Anthony Hopkins is here to make a few bucks (as he so often does), and an odd casting choice is Mick Jagger.

2nd Tier! French Connection, The: 1971.

Gene Hackman. Well known for very well-done chase scenes, though the streets of NYC. Sequel French Connection II and TV movie Popeye Doyle

Gene Hackman. Well known for very excellent chase scene though the streets of NYC. Fact (or fiction?): the woman with the pushcart was a real pedestrian, accidentally captured on film. Five Oscars!

One of the best chases ever, but in our opinion Bullitt still has the best.

To-do item: locate and drive these streets in New York.

Starring: Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider


  Full Treatment, The. 1961. This is the original title, and it was later re-released as "Stop Me Before I Kill!".

Extremely obscure film about a Grand Prix driver who suffers a head injury. Then, every time he attempts to make love to his new wife, he attempts to strangle her. A psychiatrist is brought in to attempt to help, to his personal "downfall".

Little connection to cars or driving here, except the writers apparently trying to capitalize on a Grand Prix connection.