Car Movie Enthusiast Reviews


Title and Review
Indianapolis Speedway: 1939.

Poor remake of "The Crowd Roars". Not worth having.

2nd Tier! Italian Job, The: 1969.

Featuring a bizarre (and entirely in-character) appearance by Benny Hill! See my review in the Tier section. The British love this film, it has always been very popular over there.

  Italian Job, The: 2003.

Not a remake, and little reason to title it after it's famous namesake, except that the film begins in Italy before moving to LA. Mark Walhberg (who after many films still has zero acting skill) and Charlize Theron (who of course ends up with Walhberg) pull off a reverse heist to avenge the death of her father (Donald Sutherland, Wahlberg's mentor in crime) by the slimy Edward Norton.

Nothing particularly memorable in this film, although it's classy in spots and creative in it's use of - and over-depended on - gadgets and Minis (both old and new). Mere candy, worth a few bucks to see, but it won't going into my collection.

  It Started with a Kiss. 1959.

Glenn Ford. Abstinence and a Lincoln Futura.

  It Takes Two. 1988.

A young Texan from the Panhandle travels to Dallas to buy the sports car of his dreams, just before his wedding. The "sports car" is actually a Countach look-alike. Undoubtedly the movie producers were too cheap to spring for the real Lambo' (the car was probably a VW chassis with a chevy small block). How this kid from the Panhandle was supposed to afford a new car - let alone what is being pitched as a sports car - is beyond me.  Needless to say, the car isn't what it was thought to be, and at the end the car dealership gets blown up (wouldn't we all like to do that?).

The only actors I recognized were: (1) Barry Corbin, who plays the father (a typical role for him - as Urban Cowboy, one of my favorites; and also as the Sheriff in several of the early years of Dallas); and (2) Kimberly Foster as the car salesperson (who also starred in Dallas, although in it's later years as Michelle Stevens Beaumont Barnes).

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. 1963.

A fabulous comedy about a mad cross-country rush to recover some buried money (at the beginning of the film, some people encounter a guy out in the desert who crashed his car - he tells them the secret about where he buried some money years and years ago). As the plot goes on, more and more people find out the secret and join the chase to get to the money first.

Everybody who was anybody in the sixties is in this film (Spenser Tracy, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman, Mickey Rooney, Dick Shawn, Phil Silvers, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Jim Backus, Peter Falk, Don Knotts, Carl Reiner, Jimmy Durante, ZaSu Pitts, Jack Benny, and about 20 others). Be sure to look for the scene in which Jack Benny appears driving a Maxwell.

It is indeed a car enthusiasts film: the chase to the spot where the money is buried involves a huge multi-state race (not dissimilar to some of my own road trips to various out of state racetracks!) involving many different cars, trucks, and even an airplane (a drunken rich-guy Jim Backus is the pilot, and Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett are the half-wits who hired him thinking they'd get to the money that much faster- and of course they end up having to land the plane themselves and loosing all their time advantage).

Many memorable scenes! How about Dick Shawn as the spoiled bachelor mamma's boy son of Ethel Merman (who plays a really big-mouthed tough domineering woman), who when called by his Mother to rescue her races cross-country in his Dodge convertible streaming tears and shouting "Mommy" (leaving his bikini-clad girlfriend behind)!