Car Movie Enthusiast Reviews


Title and Review
  Johnny Dark. 1954.

Tony Curtis and Piper Laurie. A designer competes in a cross-country race. Very predictable. You have to wonder about Tony Curtis' career when you see him in films like this. He must have needed the money...

Fortunately or not, it's not available. But the early scenes of the cross country race would be very interesting.

Junkman. 1982.

Another H.B. Halicki film, made as a sequel to his original Gone in 60 Seconds.

Jade. 1995.

This is one of the films David Caruso left his brilliant and successful television career for. Not a great plot, but has one of the better car chases in it - in San Francisco no less. Somebody should write an article about all the San Francisco car chases that have been staged in movies over the years (the pinnacle of which is - of course - Bullitt).

  Joy Ride. 2001.

Steve Zahn (after marrying R. Lee Ermey in Saving Silverman) and Paul Walker (in between Fast and Furious gigs, typecasting himself 1 too many car-genre films) on a cross-country trip. A cruel prank against a trucker with a CB radio occurs... and of course the trucker is a psycho killer trucker who starts chasing them. Nothing particularly noteworthy. Note the 29-minute alternate ending on the DVD version. Both endings are good.