Car Movie Enthusiast Reviews


Title and Review
  Last American Hero, The: 1973.

Unofficial bio of Junior Johnson, NASCAR "hero". Jeff Bridges, Ned Beatty, Gary Busy (exactly who'd you expect in this type of film). More about shouting "I am here", rather than about actual heroic accomplishments. Certainly not the last American Hero, just another redneck with more banter than substance. Yet another in an awful string of films leading to the terrible "Days of Thunder" - and the end of this genre.

Last Chase, The. 1981.

Lee Marvin. A made-in-Canada sci-fi film that takes place 20 years after a oil shortage (typical doomsday '80s angst). A former racer reassembles his Porsche and goes on a cross-country race, helping people believe in the country again (I thought our own President did it better by winning the cold war for us!). Might be fun to see, I am keeping an eye out for this one...

  Last Exit. 2006.

TV movie set in Canada, where two divorced mothers get into an extended car chase due to road rage on the part of one of them. Not a lot here for driving enthusiasts... it's the kind of movie you see on the Lifetime Channel.

Last Man Standing. 1996.

A 'vette gets destroyed at the end of the film - sounds like one to watch!

LeMans. 1979. My #1 "best car film of all time"

The quintessential racing film! One of my favorite automotive films of all times is Le Mans. Not only is the race itself an epic, but the making of the film Le Mans was also an epic itself. Steve McQueen was responsible for it from start to finish. It was a labor of love for him. The movie was not well received by the critics... they felt there was too little dialog and very little plot. But, it's a masterful and unique depiction of the famous event - you'll feel as though you were there because of the very well done in-car sequences. I consider this film as a must-see for all enthusiasts.

My vote for the all-time #1 motorsport film! Your collection could not be complete without this film!

A great story, very realistic - it was actually filmed at the track during the event. The in-car footage is astounding - it will place you in the car.

Unfortunately, the DVD version - while it has a better transfer - doesn't include any extras at all. Chad McQueen should focus some effort on this.


There is also an unbelievably detailed book - A French Kiss With Death.

This books covers his life and filmography as background. The main focus, however, is on the film Le Mans itself - and the book offers an incredibly detailed view of the making of the film. You'll rarely see this level of detail about any film, much less an automotive racing film! It's surprising that this level of memory even still exists.

And, of course, if you are ever going to go to the Le Mans race itself, this book would be excellent background reading.

463 pages, with several hundred photographs. One of the best books in my library!




  License to Drive. 1988.

Comedy. Grounded teen, without a license, takes his family's prized show car out for a dream date. Disaster ensues. Not well written.  Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Carol Kane, Richard Masur, Heather Graham.

Lively Set, The. 1964.

College student James Darren drops out of school to build a race car - and incidentally to revolutionize the auto industry at the same time! A typical 60's generation movie, not all that great. Notice how college students dress then - these days we don't even dress like that for business!

Love and the Midnight Auto Supply. 1978. A

nd you wondered what they do all night in those auto supply places!

Love Bug, The: 1969.

And it's three sequels. Let's hope the new VW Bug doesn't mean more gadawful sequels...