Car Movie Enthusiast Reviews


Title and Review
  New Jersey Drive. 1995.

Executive Producer Spike Lee. Good Director and Screenwriter in Nick Gomez. Teenagers take up carjacking, only to find themselves in deep with the law. Uneven writing, but good commentary on how a pointless life leads these kids even further down. Might be good for the collection.

  No Grave For Us (Oretachi ni haka wa nai). 1979.

Japanese language film featuring a car chase of late seventies JDM cars. We haven't seen it, but are looking for a copy. Unfortunately, it's long out of print. Meanwhile, YouTube has some footage:


  No Mans Land. 1987. With Charlie Sheen and D.B. Sweeney leading the cast, you can bet this wasn't a dry shoot. And then there's Randy Quaid. Brad Pitt makes his debut here, all but unrecognizablke. And Bill Duke (Predator) is as deadly and bad looking as ever. Note that Ron Howard has an executive Producer role here... this was a "practice film" that helped him build the skills we've seen more recently in Rush.

In any case, this undercover car theft movie is worse than a B-movie, not worth the time to look it up.