Car Movie Enthusiast Reviews


Title and Review
  Parking Lot Movie, The. 2010.

A low-budget film from PBS about parking lot attendants in Charlottesville, Virginia USA. The disaffected workers are stuck in minimum wage jobs, and philosophize against capitalism and entitled customers, for whom they have contempt.

Well-received, but in our opinion cynical.


  Pit Stop. 1969.

Another low budget film, this time about the development of figure eight racing - with the expected an inevitable crowd-pleasing crashes. In these days before CGI, the crashes staged for the film were real. 

With Brian Donlevy and Ellen Burstyn (both slumming here) and with a guest appearance by George Barris as himself. It's unfortunately not currently available new, and used copies are rare and expensive.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. 1987.

John Candy and Steve Martin. Great movie, with the immortal line "I'll just put my hands between these two pillows". Mediocre automobiles.